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February 26, 2013


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Hey, I really hate the new DA submission page so I uploaded the next part here, hope you enjoy- AnimeLover3801

You were peacefully sleeping in your bed, last night you'd been sitting by your computer and now you were really tired. Too bad for you that Ludwig wouldn't let you sleep the whole day as you wished, he needed his daily walks. Ludwig walked up to your bed and licked your face in an attempt to wake you up. You shifted and pulled the covers over your head.

"I'm tired Ludwig.." You groaned.

But that didn't stop Ludwig, he went to the edge of the bed and pulled of your covers and revealed you in your (f/c) pajamas and messy (h/l) (h/c) hair. Ludwig then jumped up in your bed and pulled your (h/c) hair.

"Okay, okay! I'm up!"  You said and sat up in bed. You checked the clock and saw it was only 7.30 AM. You went to your wardrobe and picked out a (f/c) t-shirt with a pair of matching (2nd f/c) shorts.
After breakfast you grabbed Ludwig's leash and fastened to his collar. You put on your (3rd f/c) (favorite shoes) and grabbed your phone and keys then left the apartment. The park was pretty empty and the only ones to accompany you there was the pigeons, some other dog owners and a few morning runners but that's about it. The leaves on the trees and bushes almost sparkled in the early morning light and a thin layer of mist covered the first inches of the ground. There was a fence around the park so you unleashed Ludwig and let him run away freely.
You spotted a stick on the ground not so far away from where you stood, maybe you could entertain Ludwig by playing some fetch.

"Ludwig, fetch boy!" You yelled and threw the stick. Ludwig eagerly ran after it and managed to catch it before it hit the ground. Ludwig then turned around and returned the stick to you.

"Good boy!" You said and patted Ludwig's head before you threw the stick away again.
This process repeated for a while until Ludwig was satisfied and wanted to leave the park and go home again. You had nothing against that decision since your stomach had growled so many times, you hadn't been able to eat any breakfast since Ludwig had such a hurry to leave the apartment.  You checked your watch, it was 9.45 AM.

'Perfect time to eat something' You thought.

You checked for an open café nearby on the busy street you and Ludwig walked on but most of them hadn't opened up yet. Then it happened, a perfect smell of hot dogs and onions filled the air and only made you hungrier. Ludwig had also noticed this smell and was looking around constantly to find the source. That was when you saw it, on the other side of the street stood a guy in a stand for fast food and happily gave two teenagers their meals.

"Hungry Luddy?" You asked. Ludwig noticed the nickname you gave him before he tugged on the leash as if saying 'yes, let's go'.
The two of you crossed the street without any problems and when you reached the stand you saw a familiar face, it was Tino.

"Hi Tino! Do you work here?" You asked.

"Oh hi (name)! Ja, I work here but only for the summer" Tino answered. You scanned him quickly and noticed he wore a regular white t-shirt with a red apron over it. Tino also wore a red cap to complete his working outfit.

"Let's see, I would like to have two hotdogs and a medium (Favorite soda) please!" You said. Tino just stared at you, had he heard right?

"(name), please be careful with what you eat, it isn't good to eat that much"

"Tino, I'm not going to eat that by myself, Ludwig is going to have one hotdog too" You said and tilted your head towards Ludwig. Tino leaned over the counter and saw Ludwig sitting nicely on the ground.

"Oh, you have a friend with you, sorry (name)!" Tino said and felt a bit guilty for blaming you to eat much food. When you got the hotdogs, you gave one to Ludwig and then paid before you went home.

When you were home, you began playing some (favorite video game) with Ludwig lying beside you on the couch. But all too soon someone knocked on the door.

"Who could that be?" You asked yourself before pausing the game and went to check the door. When you opened, you got surprised, it was
Arthur. The two of you were close, almost like siblings.

"Hi Arthur!" You said cheerfully.

"Hello (name),may I come in?" Arthur asked. You nodded and let the blonde Englishman inside.

"So, what brings you here?" You asked.

"I was looking for my tea set, I believe you borrowed it, am I right?" Arthur said.

"Oh yes I remember! Get yourself comfortable while I try to find it" You said and went straight for the kitchen to find the tea set.

After you ran into the kitchen, Arthur thought he might wait for you to return in the livingroom. Arthur approached said room but got surprised as he saw a german shepard on the couch.

"(name)! When did you get a dog?" Arthur asked and turned towards the direction of the kitchen. You poked out your head to the livingroom.

"I got him yesterday but don't worry, Ludwig is nice" You answered with a reassuring smile, completely ignoring the fact that Ludwig bit Francis' hand yesterday.

"If you say so.." Arthur said and took a seat beside Ludwig and started to pat him.

Ludwig's POV

I was sleeping until (name) began patting me, it was nice and I enjoyed it. I opened my eyes to see my dear owner but I got shocked as I saw a blonde guy with emerald eyes sitting there. And not to mention his huge eyebrows. He looked friendly enough but something was weird about him. It felt like we had met before, I just couldn't figure out where.

"Nice to see you're doing fine, Germany"

There, right at that moment it hit me like a bomb. This guy is no other than England, the one who made me like this. I got off the couch and began to growl at him but not loud enough to be heard by (name).

"Still mad? C'mon Germany, you're living with (name), lucky bastard." England said and crossed his arms with a small pout. I looked at him, how was I lucky? (name) was like any other owner who cared for their four legged friend, I can't see any difference.

"You haven't realized yet, have you Germany?" England asked with a small grin.

"(name) happens to be the person who can break the spell, never thought any of my victims would end up that lucky." he continued. My eyes widened in excitement, was there actually a way for me to be human again?

"But.. (name) has to declare her love for you, which I don't think will happen when you're in that state." England explained. Ah damn it! So close but yet so far, guess I'll have to stay this way then..

(over to you)

"Finally! Hey Arthur I found the teaset!!" You yelled and picked out the porcelain from the cupboard. When you walked into the livingroom you saw Arthur on the couch and Ludwig standing infront of him on the floor.

"What's going on in here? Ludwig, leave Arthur alone, he's not mean." You said. Ludwig looked at you and then did as you told him and headed for the other side of the couch.

"Ah! my teaset, thank you (name), for giving it back" Arthur said.

"No problem Arthur, see you around!"

"Guess so.. good luck with Ludwig" Arthur said before he left and made a small wink at Ludwig who noticed. You closed the door and went to keep Ludwig company on the couch.

"Hey Luddy.. was Arthur mean to you?" You asked, judging by the fact that Ludwig had growled earlier, almost not reaching your ear in the kitchen.
Ludwig didn't answer and you didn't expect one either.

"Too bad you can't talk, you're cute, you know that?" You said. Ludwig's ears perked up, did you just call him cute? The two of you headed towards your bed and were about to sleep. You changed to your (f/c) pyjamas before tucking yourself in. Ludwig placed himself beside you as he did last night and you gently stroke his fur.

"I love you Luddy.." you whispered before drifting away to dreamland. But Ludwig heard you and he wouldn't have those words said by anyone else.

' I love you too (Name)' Ludwig thought before he also fell asleep.


Next morning when you woke up there was no Ludwig in bed beside you but a sleeping muscular man with slicked blonde hair. You got shocked at this, where did he come from? And where's Ludwig? You did the first thing any normal person would do, scream. After you let out an earpiercing scream, you caused the blonde man to wake up. His baby blue eyes were stunning.

"What are you screaming about, (name)?" he asked.

"How do you know my name, I don't know you!" You said in a scared tone.

"Wait.. can you hear my thoughts?"

"No, you're speaking out loud like any human being usually do" You said.

"Human??" The guy began to check himself out like this was anything new, strange..

"It vorked! I'm human, England vas right!! (name), it's me, Ludwig!"

"What!? And I just thought Arthur joked about putting spells on people!" You said in surprise.

"Ja, I thought so too, I guess he went mad at me and made me to a dog" Ludwig said.

"Atleast you're normal now"

"Ja, Danke for letting me stay here, (name).Now I have to return home" Ludwig said and picked out a small key from his pocket on his pants.

"No, you don't have to leave..! I-"

"You what, frau?"

"I love you very much.. " You said as a small blush crept onto your face. You looked down and felt tears prick your eyes, you didn't want Ludwig to leave already.

"I-I don't want t-to be a-alone again.." You stuttered as tears flowed down your cheeks, Ludwig noticed and hugged you.

"Ich liebe dich auch frau, I'll stay with you so please don't cry" he said and then kissed your lips.

Sorry for not updating but school's being a bitch, I got sick and then I had writers block.
Crappy ending, I know.. hope you still enjoyed.
Part 1 :…
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